Durham County

Historic Bennett Place


Durham County includes the following markets:

Cities, Towns and Municipalities:

Durham, Rougemont

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Durham County

County Seat



267,587 - 2010 US Census

Land Area

285.98 sq. mi.

USDA Climate/Hardiness Zone

7a (0 to 5 F) through 7b (5 to 10 F)


Worth L. Hill

District Attorney

Tracey Cline

Register of Deeds

Willie Covington

Clerk of Court

Archie Smith

County Manager

Mike Ruffin

Sponsored Organizations

NC Cooperative Extension - Durham County

Delphine Sellers - County Extension Director


Durham County Government


Durham County Library


Durham County Emergency Management


Durham County Sheriff's Department

Worth L. Hill - Durham County Sheriff


Durham Public Schools

Eric J. Becoats - Superintendent